Re: Re: Doh!!!


Hi Guys,

Didn’t get much more done before I had to go back to work. Our internet connection out here in the North Sea is pretty poor.
I did strip the carbs again. Last time I couldn’t get the pilots out so I soaked them in WD40 for 3 days and finally got them out. They appear to be blocked but I had nothing fine and stiff enough to try and clear them. They were quite badly damaged where the screwdriver slot is. I haven’t taken out the needle jet or the mixture screw yet. I did try cleaning the pilots to find the size but it’s difficult to tell. I tried searching for jets for these carbs but didn’t have much success. Does anyone know where to get overhaul kits for these carbs. I’m wanting gaskets, jets, float needle valve. I did notice on Michael’s link that his original needle has multiple grooves, mine only have one choice of needle height.



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