Re: Re: Doh!!!


Still struggling to get the bike to run. Suspected the start enrichment might not be working. So carbs off again, stripped down and blown through. I looked at a few diagrams of BS34 carbs and none were like mine, they have more varieties than Heinz.
Some have a plug in the bottom of the pilot jet and some have an air screw in the bellmouth.
With the bowl off, I blew WD40 through the enrichment tube and it came out of the enrichment port, OK. I then did it to the main jet and it came out of the needle jet, when I blocked off the jet it came out of the right hand air hole in the bellmouth, OK. I blew it into the pilot jet and it came out of the mixture screw hole and the left hand air vent in the bellmouth, OK.
So not really sure where my problem lies. All the O rings and the bellows on the chokes are in poor condition.

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