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Hi Mike,

that shown page is part of the delivered paper documentation.
Much better is to go to their website documentation:

Just saw that it is still in german language but you can see three pic-links in the bottom.
Click on them to see the details.

Curves 2 and 4 are closest to stock ignition curve, but already advanced.

You can set the rev limiter to either 7.100 or 7.800 rpm,
while 7.800 rpm is the stock limit before entering the “red area”!

For sure the Dyna coil would not be necessary, but it is recommended, looks good and it is X-mas 😉

I am not really convinced about the HV plug-type connector to that coil.
Needs some attention to get that right!

Ignition coil should be either from LTD or other bikes with contactless ignition and 2,2 to 3 Ohm resistance.
Do not use the B ignition coil, intended to work with contact breakers and 5 Ohm resistance !

Other Z750Twin owners (at least Peter and Frank) are very satisfied with this Sachse ignition system !
They state much better starting behaviour, very stable idle and good performance at higher revs.

Cheers, Michael

Attached the stock ignition curve of a B:

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