Re: Re: Flat Tracker


Well that went pear shaped !

First off – long break at our place in Saxony – just didn’t want to come back !

Came back raring to go – frame mods finished [ courtesy of a friend in the end ] and all parts finally ready for powder coating.

THEN, my Wife was attacked by a friend’s [?? ] dog. Ten days in hospital and two operations …..

So, again not a lot happened in my garage while all that was going on.

On a positive note – the same friend who finished the frame mods has volunteered to weld up the Weber intake manifold. Just have to decide whether to get him to make up the three sets – I had to order a minimum of 3 sets of flanges from the lazer cutter.

I also found a local Cafe Racer parts supplier who has exhaust pipes made for him. He’s prepared to loan me a set of unchromed BSA Spitfire high level pipes to see if they can be modded for my bike. I have the exhaust flange stubs [ thanx Hoggy ].

I AM getting a clear picture in my mind now for the “look”.

Red frame, forks, yokes, swingarm, prop stand. Yellow tank, seat cowl, mudguards etc. MAybe some graphics. Maybe Red wrinkle finish engine [ if not – Black ]. Gold wheels. Black perforated leather seat upholstery on my H-D XR750 seat base.

No lights [ except brake light ]and Flat track style “number plates”.

Just got to make it happen now !

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