Re: Re: Flat Tracker


HA………no she’s not nervous around our Dobe – she’s a big softie [ so’s the dog, boom, boom ].

I’ll get all three made up and I’ll certainly earmark one for you so you can make a final decision.

Please take a close look at the rough mock up to see where the Weber is placed. From memory there is normally an air filter ass’y where the bell mouths protrude back into the frame ? Obviously that will not be needed. If you do want to run filtration – then K&N / a.n.other will do. When I did the mock up, I left the OEM inlet stubs in place to give me a rough idea of spacing. The beauty of this conversion is that it can all be put back to standard if required.

When the final mock up is done, I’ll post up so peeps can see exactly where everything fits.

Ideally 38mm / 40mm Weber for the job. Rebuild kits are silly cheap [ sub £30 ] and you will need two rubber isolator gaskets – readilly available [ as are jets etc.]. They take care of any vibrations. Solex and Dellorto also make similar carbs – cheaper, but parts not so easy to come by.

I used a 40 DCOE on my sidecar race bike [ 650 Triumph engine ] back in the 60’s. It was a piece of cake to tune [ effectively ONE carb ]and I never suffered from fuel surge as some outfits did !

Please be aware this is NOT something that will happen rapidly – as I am always at the mercy of others when it comes to fabrication / welding.

Final pic [ BSA Street Scrambler ] is the general loook I’m after

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