Re: Re: Flat Tracker


WOW ………………….

OK – I post on several forums – Including , which has one of the largest daily hits of any specialist bike site.

I write [ used to write for a living ] a thread recalling the early days [ Cafe Racers ] – “Beachcomber’s Tales from the Day” 54,000 views and 558 replies …..NEVER been accused of being boring. My KZ thread [ “Tangerine Dream” ]has over 11,000 views and 130 replies … however.

Yes Michael, I accept that with different cultures sometimes a comment [ especially when it’s not your first language ]can be misunderstood – I spend a lot of time at my place in Saxony and have many German friends – maybe I should have realised sooner !!

MY response was more a case of – I’ll report progress / post pix when there is something more positive to pass on.

However, posting up something as mundane as having the parts finally welded and everything prepped for powder coating IS progress to me [ “Progress Report” ] in readiness for the next stages. AND it gives me some sense or urgency to get things done. ALL of my projects are hampered by severe lack of funds, and at 70 years old – time is of the essence to get things completed.

As KK says – there’s always the “off button” option.

So ……. Michael, I accept your criticism, and quite often the senile dementure might kick in and I will post a picture twice, for which I apologise.

I WILL rein in my natural enthiusiasm and only post when something new / interesting comes along.

There – all good friends now?

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