Re: Re: Flat Tracker


Thanx for that Lonesome …… I’m trying to strike a balance between “being chatty” with progress and abusing the “no new info.” scenario.

Anyway – progress / non-progress.

After TWO failed attempts at getting a friend of a friend round to do the electrical work in my new “workshop”, I’ve given up and ordered the materials I need and I’ll have a go myself.

However, the benches are now installed [ ‘ish ], but I still need to reinforce them – legs and worktop. I’m not disappointed – for less than £50 I have a good basis for a 12 foot long bench / work surface ! More than enough to get my new [to me ] engineer’s vice, grinder / belt sander, pillar drill [ !!! ] set up with plenty of room for sub-assemblies etc.

As it was [ next door’s shown ] and part finished project.

Oh yes …… and the wheels – hmmmm. My tame powder coaters have been inundated with work and you know what it’s like when folk are “doing you a favour” ! They’re definitely going in end of next week.

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