Re: Re: Flat Tracker


I’d hoped there would be some nice pix of the newly p/coated forks assembled by now – but I live in hope rather than expectation !

I found a new powder coaters – who promised all sorts of wonderous service and good prices AND who could do the work in days rather than weeks …………….. left the fork bottoms there nearly 2 weeks ago, only to get a phone call yesterday to tell me “they couldn’t match the colour” [ to the frame etc ].

Pointless telling them the other parts were done by a company – not a mile away !

Ah well ………. I’ll drop the fork bottoms in to my old p/coaters at the weekend. Again, they are up to their asses in alligators with “proper paying” work, so yet another delay of a week.

One good result – the fork stanchion tops [ in between yokes ] were quite badly pitted, and I naturally assumed that the fork gaiters were hiding more horrors. oh thou cynical one ……. not a bit of it, when I got the forks stripped and lower stanchions exposed, they were fine !

Not only that – but the fork oil had obviously been replaced and there were new seals and evidence of recent work – recent as in before the bike was left to rot outside.

Those who saw the “as bought” pix and laughed like drains and said “you’re building THAT ” – along with myself I might add – like me, would be surprised at all the new and reconditioned parts in and on the bike. The tank has been professionally cleaned and sealed inside, and when I took the valve cover off – the inside was clean as a whistle with new oil and gaskets obvious everywhere.That along with new wheel bearings etc. lead me to suspect that the seller wasn’t telling porkies when he said the guy HE bought it from had told him it had been refurbished. mechanically.

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