Re: Re: Flat Tracker


I have a growing pile of cleaned prepped and painted parts now.

I made a hash of the rear seat closure – what’s that about measure twice , cut once ! The seat / electrics tray mounts have been more successful – all done.

I was amazed that ALL the bleed nipples were solid inside with deposits. I mean solid! I had to drill the crap out. The PO must have had real fun trying to get some brakes. The front caliper is resisting all efforts to get the seized piston out, and I haven’t even got round to the back one yet. I’ll take a look at some spare Brembos [ ex. BMW K100 ] to see if they can be persuaded to fit.

Fork bottoms [ FO Red ]should be ready later today, so forks can start to go back together.

And here it is absolutely monsooning down – and my new Man Cave is dry as a bone !!!!!!!!!!

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