Re: Re: Flat Tracker


The rear brake mech. is now all finished and painted – Satin Black. The rod actuator arm was bent [?] meaning the rod had been fouling the frame slightly – straightened that out while I was at it, nice smooth operation now. The 7mm [ 8mm tap ] drill finally arrived and I was able to drill and tap the boss to retain the lever. The original thread had broken off at some stage in the past.

While I had the rattle can out I gave the seat and mudguard a final coat – seat ready for the upholsterer now. Just have to decide on Red or Black leather. I have several hides [ perforated Jag hides ] left over from my Replica Car manufacturing days – might as well use some of them up and sell the rest off !

Brackets also made for the front “race number plate” [ Flat Tracker style ]this will hold a couple of very small Eagle Eye LED units as daylight running lamps.I have a couple of matching ones in Red to act as rear running lights.

I have to check the MOT requirements first as I will be running a daylight MOT.

The re-conned 40DCOE arrived Friday [ good old e-bay ] and apart from some detailing [ paint ? ]it’s all ready. Jets and chokes etc. will be a bit of a guesstimate initially, but I’m sure I’ll get there. I’ll need to make up some sort of support for the rear of the carb. as it’s slightly heavier than the original set up.

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