Re: Re: Flat Tracker


Hi Beachcomber,

sorry to say that, but you are posting the same old pics every now and then in a new post.
OK, latest pic is a new one, but that are just brackets welded anyhow into the rusted frame! Brilliant story, you can weld or know anyone who welds for you. Very impressive 🙁

Now you are talking about golden wheels.
Last thing I saw of these wheels was a ruin in a hedge.
Red lower ends of the front fork, red frame, …
Come on, do the things you have already announced or do you want to waste our time to look at your thread ?

Please move on doing things or ask questions how we can help, but stop posting same pics again and again.

Great, you want a conversion to Weber dual carbs ?
When do you make it operational ?

Overall this a boring story YTD (year to date).

I may ship a (defective) 1,- Euro turbo charger to you and you may waste our time for the next following year posting a single pic where the turbo is fixed/placed somehow in a rusted ruin.

Come on, we want to see the progress !

Thank you for your understanding !

Cheers, Michael

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