Re: Re: Flat Tracker


Hi KK,

you are perfectly right !
Thank you for interpreting my post as we know us personally and sorry to appear as rude.

I love to see someone bringing back Z750Twins back to life and I like to see modifications done !!!

We all have our dreams how to modify them.
Either it stays a dream or it comes to reality. If it is just a dream, post some pics (as suggested with the Turbo) and then the story ends because it is too complicated, too expensive, etc.

I wanted to encourage to post the news and latest things or pics.

To ignore a thread isn’t the way it should go. A thread should continously move on and show the progress, not repitive pics.

Hope this clarifies what I wanted to express.

My sorry to Beachcomber !
Pardon, that I have selected a description that was understood as offending.

Hope you are staying with the Lonesome Twins and I promise not to comment in that way any time in future.

Cheers, Michael

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