Re: Re: Flat Tracker


Bit more of the puzzle. Here’s the flanges I had lazer cut for the Weber 40DCOE conversion – had to have 3 lots done to get a good price ! Just waiting for the aforementioned “tame welder” to turn up [ and get some tubing ] to get the manifolds welded up.

Here’s the exhaust stubs that Hoggy made up for me [ thanx mate ]- just need some stainless pipes made up now to complete the look I’m after -the BSA Spitfire scarmbler.

The bike had been “chopperised” [ badly ], but I’ve now got new frame tubes to weld in place.

Is there a smaller “peanut” style tank from any other models that will fit ? I’m looking for something like the Bonnie export tank [ 3 gall ].

The wheels will have to wait until after Christmas now as the powder coater is closing down for the holidays next week.

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