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Thanks Philpass, I’ve had a look at the pic and believe its the wrong one unfortunately. As the machined recess on the bracket goes on the inside of the fork leg, it looks like someone has turned the caliper through 180 degrees and mounted the whole lot backwards, probably via the un-machined side of the bracket, to the opposite for leg. A bodge I have considered myself. A true RH FoF one (or LH BoF for that matter) would (I assume), if held with the threaded holes nearest you and the caliper away from you, have the recesses machined on the RH side of the bracket. The slider tubes,which are an uneven length either side of the bracket,would also be short and fat on the RH side. Its those darned tubes that are preventing me from undertaking the aforementioned bodge. Maybe I’ll give up and resort to machining a bracket flat on the other side then punching out and refitting the slider tubes. How hard can it be?

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