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Hi KK,
on the drivers picture are two twinriders, that came with the car as they are not able to ride their bikes (one with a broken foot, the other with a latest stomach surgery).
so another two Twins are in range 😉
Today late afternoon I have meet another two twinriders who where not able to join the meeting (one with a shoulder problem and the other one with engine problems).
Again, two more Twins in range 😉
We had to leave another two Twins on the camp ground (one repaired a crashed twin but is not fully finished, the other had no time to do the common ride out.
So, another two Twins.
And two guys arrived to late on Saturday to join us for the ride, but where there for the evening party.
Another two Twins !!!

These listed 8 Twins and the 26 on the picture would result in 34 Twins. Some other Twindrivers where not there at this years meeting, otherwise it could have been the absolute record of about 40 Twins at a meeting.
Then we have to think about two or even three rows of Twins for the group picture ;-)))

Cheers, Michael

Ah, forgot another Twin. Frank started the ride but after some kilometers he had to stop because of a punctured rear tire. He was taken as a “co-driver” by one of the other Twindrivers. The bike was picked up after the ride out by car and trailer, they got the tube swapped same evening and Frank could join us with his Twin on own wheels again 😉

As the group had to wait until Frank’s Twin was parked and the situation was cleared, I had the opportunity to make a not intended and not complete group photograph 😉

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