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I want to look again at my first idea to mount the pump internally [ similar to ChrisLWG ] – which way does the sprocket rotate in this view ?

The kicker will be if there is sufficient depth from the mounting face [ as Chris ] to the sump base AND the centreline of the OEM sprocket drive.

Carsten has showed concern [ valid ] about the pressure being taken off solely for the turbo. The pump is regulated to bye-pass at around 55psi – too high for the turbo [ 35psi ]. But I have already thought about this and have a couple of options – a lighter relief spring to release at say 40 psi – or a restrictor / regulator in the feed. There will be a pressure gauge situated at the turbo oil intake to monitor the situation.

The high volume is not a problem as it only feeds the 1 ltr oil cooler.

None of this is written in a workshop manual !!!

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