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    I have to stop these late night chats with KK !!!!!

    While discussing my Tracker (and a load of other stuff!!) we got round to discussing one of my major passions – supecharged race ( and road ) engines.

    I indicated that I would be interested in delving inside an engine with a view to supercharging – then Glemseck came up ……… Oh dear, I see another project coming on !

    BTW – anyone here bidding on the eBay KZ ??? Be silly to bid against each other !


    KK made me do it !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eaton supercharger arrived today.

    I’ll do a mock up on my Flat Tracker engine at the weekend, just as a P.O.C.

    Hmmmm – where did I put those Nitrous Oxide foggers and solenoids ??


    Ali rimmed wire spoked front wheels available ? Also need a good exhaust camshaft.

    I found where I’d put the 2″ and 1 3/4″ SU carbs for safe keeping. That’s a bit more to add to the pile of bits !

    I’ll need a matching rear hub to fit an oversize rim to take the size of tyre I’ll need to run.

    UK company Dyna make a suitable ignition system, but maybe I could use the CSR stock unit – either way it will have to be swapped over to the other side, or at least relocated.

    With the Eaton Blower and a bit of blueprinting etc. I would hope to be comfortably up in the 100+ bhp range, approaching 125 / 130.

    Maybe also a Nitrous fogger shot of around 100bhp. A 200+ bhp KZ750 ???? Tee,hee,hee.

    The engine looks immensely strong, and well up to being supercharged.

    I have a partner in crime on this project who’s making me do it !

    All will become clear as and when he is comfortable to reveal his identity .


    Can’t wait to see the result


    Tagged for interest. 🙂


    Nice project, I will follow this one 🙂


    Something along these lines [ minus 2 cylinders obviously! ] will get the job done. Now you can see why I need to move the ignition !

    I’ll check the Blower for “pakaging” at the weekend. The rear frame loops might need a tweak [ or more ] to clear.

    I have the visual in my mind now, and it looks pretty do-able.

    Just need to get my hands on a frame / forks / yokes / engine and we’re off and running.

    A stock alloy rimmed spoked front wheel will do [ guess there is such a thing ? ], otherwise it’s break the piggy bank and get a wheel / rim built.

    I stripped the blower down to check the rotors / end float etc. Not only is it in perfect condition, but it’s the later Teflon coated rotor version.

    Thanx for the interest guys – all input welcomed.


    Couldn’t wait until the weekend ! Rough mock up today proves it is a viable conversion.

    I need a measurement please folks – face of intake manifold to head to the nearest point of interference with the rear frame loops. That will let me know if the frame needs massaging or not !

    Quite a bit of fabbing / machining will be required, but it’s all straightforward.


    More queries for you guys.

    Does anyone know what the thread is for the oil pressure switch ? I’ll be fitting a gauge.

    Swept back exhaust pipes? – a la 60’s Triumph, Norton, etc.

    Spare exhaust camshaft ?

    Anyone fitted an oil cooler ?


    You really need ChrisLWG, but good luck with that, he’s a bit hard to get hold of. Loving the thought of this bike, I hope if gets off the ground, so to speak 😉


    Hi Beachcomber,

    I have heard of some tests with the exhaust cam as inlet cam but this doesn’t seem to work very well.

    You can get the camshafts modified by Megacycle in the USA.
    I have ridden this Twin with these cams, 950 cm³, Mikuni 34mm flat slide carbs and a 2-in-1-exhaust with Supertrapp silencer.

    Incredible !

    Find the full story (in german language) here:

    Cheers, Michael

    PS: Power measurement curve is not from this bike, but overall setup is quite similar (same cams, same carbs, over 900 cm³, 2-in-1-exhaust)

    PPS: Last pic shows Manfred at left hand side, the creator and owner of this Twin and me, starting in heavy rain for a test ride.


    Hi Beachy.

    Lonesome is right. Chrislwg did the oil cooler mad. If I remember correctly he piggy backed the oil pump and fitted unions in the engine casings. He doesn’t log in very often but I will try and contact him.

    I have been in the garage with my tape. On the CSR the distance from the cylinder head to the frame is 200mm maximum in a horizontal line. This decreases going upwards due to the frame tubes being at an angle and may be slightly different on a B frame.

    I will try and get the oil pressure switch thread this weekend.

    If still needed I think I have a spare exhaust cam.


    Some info in regards to oil pressure switch:

    Bosch 0986345003 or
    Metzger 0910009 fits.

    Tech Data:
    Switching pressure 0,13 – 0,26 bar
    Thread size 1/8″ BSPT


    BSPT? MMM I am not sure about that, I will investigate.

    Most people think that BSPT stands for British Standard Pipe Thread but I believe it stands for British Standard Pipe Taper similar to NPT.

    If I am right this thread is a parallel thread which should be designated as BSP or BSPP.

    I will get back to you.


    KK / Michael / Lonesome – thanx for your interest / input.

    Re: exhaust cam mod – more lift on a blown engine is good !

    Oil cooler mod looks like a step beyond, as all fab / machine work will have to be farmed out.

    KK, sorry to be a PITA, measurement to top curve of frame loop level (‘ish) with head please ? I can angle the blower location somewhat, but if packaging becomes too tight, I might have to break out the angle grinder !

    That bike looks awesome Michael ! BTW – STILL can’t log on to your site.

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