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So – update on progress, with some explanatory [ I hope ] pix.

Just to clarify my thinking on the Gixer externally driven pump – Bit of imagination required !

First – the general layout – the Gixer end housing will bolt to / through the small circular alternator cover, giving me access to the alternator fixing screw which will require a slot to take the spade end of the Gixer spindle [ shortened to suit ]. That gives me both a bearing and seal for the drive. That in turn will allow me to use the stock Gixer drive sprocket and chain.

Finally the pump itself will have weld bung AN fittings welded in place.

While I was out there freezing – I decided to have a rough POC on the exhaust system using some random bends and a 2>1 collector I’d bought.

Again – imagination required – as it will be on the other side [ probably ]. As it’s a real mission to turn the bike round now, I decided to go ahead on the side I had access to ! I can see with very little mods – it’s definitely a goer. Unfortunately not with my welding ::) Nothing has been cut or modified yet – and already it almost falls into place. Someone’s smiling down on me. This side would probably “look good”, but there’s too much going on in that area with the pump, hoses, turbo etc. Although it would give me a better line into the turbo housing. At some point in the near future I have to get the rolling chassis off the bench and onto my bike lift !!

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