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Haha !!!

You may take part at the sprints, but there are several classes and definitely your application is needed.
No free sprints at any time !

The most classes are organised by the Glemseck 101 coordinators and some (3?) classes are organised by others.

“Sultans of Sprint” is one of these separate organised sprints and it had international starters the last two years.
Sure Germany, also France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, etc.
There are real beasts starting !
BMW 1000, Guzzi 1000, Ducati 900, Yamaha TR1 just to name some and of course they are all equipped with typical and/or individual made tuning parts.

Sprint length is only 1/8 of a mile, approx 200m !
Pay attention to final drive transmission ratio to avoid to much wheel spin or the chance of doing Wheelies. All starters that I have seen making (unintended) Wheelies from the start line, lost their races !

There is enough space to roll out and to turn the bike back to the fenced starting area. So brakes are needed, but not a focus.
Single disc in the front and drum brake in the rear are absolutely sufficient.

That will be fun !

Cheers, Michael

PS: To ride along the festival area in pedestrian speed is possible 24h per day. Festival area is a restricted area. No TÜV, no MOT, no numberplate needed, no Police to judge your bike 😉
Sure the police is on site, but they are helping and only interact in severe situations, not because of bike condition related issues !

PPS: Last posted pic is the roll back of a pair of rivals at “Sultans of Sprint”.

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