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Ali rimmed wire spoked front wheels available ? Also need a good exhaust camshaft.

I found where I’d put the 2″ and 1 3/4″ SU carbs for safe keeping. That’s a bit more to add to the pile of bits !

I’ll need a matching rear hub to fit an oversize rim to take the size of tyre I’ll need to run.

UK company Dyna make a suitable ignition system, but maybe I could use the CSR stock unit – either way it will have to be swapped over to the other side, or at least relocated.

With the Eaton Blower and a bit of blueprinting etc. I would hope to be comfortably up in the 100+ bhp range, approaching 125 / 130.

Maybe also a Nitrous fogger shot of around 100bhp. A 200+ bhp KZ750 ???? Tee,hee,hee.

The engine looks immensely strong, and well up to being supercharged.

I have a partner in crime on this project who’s making me do it !

All will become clear as and when he is comfortable to reveal his identity .

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