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I can assure you we will be organised to cover most eventualities by carrying essential spares, tools and items to overcome issues. We try not to carry unescessary duplicates between us so that lets us carry more variety.

When we met the Germans in 2006 in Belgium we travelled about 2000 miles in total and had only 2 incidents. One was a dodgey wiring connection on a self rewire that cut the bike electrics out and the other was my own when my starter clutch decided to vibrate it’s bolts out. Theses things we can deal with roadside so no major dramas. We go out as a group, Travel as a group and return as a group. We are in it together.

I can also tell you from experience the Germans certainly know how to Party. They are excellent hosts and very friendly, helpful and obliging. 2006 was a great experience and i can’t wait to do it again.

Join in scruffystuff you won’t regret it!

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