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Front pipes.
(1) Find some off another bike that will fit.
No one so far has found any other downpipes that fit.

(2) Get some made.
Quite expensive. From what I know it will probably cost £200plus in St/St

(3) See what you have 😉
I have a set of original standard CSR pipes. The downpipes have been wrapped and the silencers are solid and quite decent condition

(1) I have a pair of cans from a TL1000. (Sound nice but wont look right)

(2) I have a pair of silencers from a TRX850 (Sound nice but wont look quite right)

(3) I have a pair of upswept silencers from a Honda CB350K4 (Look like original KZ but will need cutting open and some of the baffles removing)

(4) Fit some shorty reverse cone loud megaphones. (Look and sound loud)
NICE. I have slash cuts

(5) See what you have 😉
As 3 above

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