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Thank you Mike and Tony,

yes, I am the german Michael and in constant contact with KK.
Good to hear that my photostories were helpful 😉

The choke system of the LTDs just enriches the mixture and has no impact to the butterfly valves (Drosselklappen).

In normal cases it is a kind of a ritual to turn the idle screw to adjust the idle speed when the engine warms up. On our tour through Norway we had a lot of baggage with us, which doesn’t make it easier to reach out for that screw 😉
Tony, you are right. If we set the idle speed to e.g. 1100 rpm when the engine is hot, it will start ok when cold with choke engaged, but it doesn’t have a stable idle speed in that time when choke is disengaged and engine is fully warmed/hot.

On the other hand we had several stops, enjoying the scenery. Engines cooled down and the restart worked best when the idle screw wasn’t touched.

Simply it caused less stress with the higher idle speed setting. Not that cool, but easier 😉

Ok, I may investigate that situation.
Have done a compression test with my Twin and it has exactly 10 bar on both cylinders (cold engine). Very good value and both are absolutely identical.
Can check with a “Colortune” glass spark plug if the hot engine idles to lean or to rich.

We have used 20W-50 mineral engine oil.

@Tony: Wo hast du deutsch gelernt ?

Cheers and Prost, Michael

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