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Hi all,

we managed to find a local manufacturer for the LTD airbox to carb rubbers !

Find the full story in the german Z750Twin forum:
Very nice technical drawings included 😉

It was absolutely critical to get the LTD boots done, as they harden and shorten.
The B-boots don’t have that issue in that extend.

The first sample pair is with me and I will do a test installation this weekend and will report and show pics.

The boots are very strong rubber, while soft and flexible.
Brilliant stuff !

I am absolutely convinced that they will fit perfectly.
It is an exact replica of the stock boots and they will use the stock spring ring (not included) to be fastened at the carb side.

There is an optional, matching ring available that goes over the stock fastening and allows perfect fixing with a hose clamp at the carb side.

The pair of boots can be ordered for 80,- Euros plus shipping.

If someone is interested, please contact me via e-mail.

I have already ordered two pairs 😉

Cheers, Michael

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