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    Hi All

    As you all know these rubbers are no longer in manufacture and almost impossible to find.

    With Michael from the German site we are trying to negotiating a deal with a supplier of 38mm air box to carb rubbers for the B and G models.

    This supplier is also capable and prepared to manufacture and supply the 34mm air box to carb rubbers too for the K, M, S and Y models.

    The price is dependent on volume but we estimated that the cost of each size will be around £45 a pair. This could drop if we reach high volumes.

    Please let me know below if you are interested telling me the size and quantities required.


    Hi all,

    we managed to find a local manufacturer for the LTD airbox to carb rubbers !

    Find the full story in the german Z750Twin forum:
    Very nice technical drawings included 😉

    It was absolutely critical to get the LTD boots done, as they harden and shorten.
    The B-boots don’t have that issue in that extend.

    The first sample pair is with me and I will do a test installation this weekend and will report and show pics.

    The boots are very strong rubber, while soft and flexible.
    Brilliant stuff !

    I am absolutely convinced that they will fit perfectly.
    It is an exact replica of the stock boots and they will use the stock spring ring (not included) to be fastened at the carb side.

    There is an optional, matching ring available that goes over the stock fastening and allows perfect fixing with a hose clamp at the carb side.

    The pair of boots can be ordered for 80,- Euros plus shipping.

    If someone is interested, please contact me via e-mail.

    I have already ordered two pairs 😉

    Cheers, Michael


    They look good Michael, well done.

    I am gonna take a pair and try them.


    That does look very nice. OE even!


    Hi Andy,
    I will order a pair for you 😉

    Hi AtLarge,
    I am not sure if that is an order that you have placed.
    “OE even” is not clear to me, sorry.

    We just need to ensure that either you or me are placing the orders on the german Twin website to avoid double orders.
    Might be easier for me to do that and I will look after “international distribution” 😉

    I’ve announced that to Reiner, the manufacturer, to make him aware of your order / interest.

    I have done the test installation of a sample pair today and it works perfectly !

    First pic shows the old boots in the middle, the new ones incl. stock plastic plate holder at the outsides.
    Holder plates not included, just reuse of the stock plates.

    One part of the test installation was to swap the boots old vs. new. I am preparing an instruction for that.
    “How to swap air intake boots”.
    It took me 1.5 hours to do it without any stress and incl. taking some pics.

    The other part was to test if I can get the carbs out and in again, while the rest is still installed. Yes, it works and it has never been that easy to do it 😉

    Cheers, Michael


    That does look very nice. OE even!

    As in “Looks as nice as Original Equipment”. 🙂

    Do put me down for one set whenever you are placing the next order. Though my Moogs are far from needing replacement, it might be nice to have the appearance of the factory stock component.

    I will email you for method of payment and you can forward them whenever convenient.


    Hi AtLarge,

    thank you for your confirmation of the order.

    It is counted in and production has started.
    Reiner can’t produce more than 4 boots (2 pairs) per full day.
    As I understand you don’t have a rush.
    For me it is the same.
    RELAX 😉

    So expect the boots to be finished in January 2017 plus shipping time from Germany to you.

    Once having these boots in your airbox, the removal and reassambly of the carbs is a job of 5 minutes (together, not each: out and in). It is really easy with these boots.
    Ok, you may want to disassamble the fuel tank first, which needs additional time 😉

    Thank you and all the best,


    Hi Andy,
    hi AtLarge,

    I’ve ordered one pair of boots for each of you and will handle payment with Reiner and you and shipping to you as well.

    That means, I am your SPoC (single point of contact) 😉

    Cheers, Michael


    Thank You Michael.

    I will give you a call soon to discuss payment.




    i am Reiner – the manufactorer of the Rubbers. My English is not very good, so please excuse my terrible grammar.
    I have produced a Video about the ” Making of “. I think this could be also interessting for you:

    Greetings from Germany,


    Well done Reiner! Looking forward to receiving a set.


    Hi Reiner,
    welcome to the Lonesome Twins !

    Hi Bob,
    I will ship the set to you as soon as I’ve received them.

    Cheers, Michael


    Hello Reiner and welcome to our humble site.

    Do not apologise for your English, it is far better than our German.

    I watched your video and was very impressed. As a design engineer I understand the processes you have gone through. I also do 3D modelling and believed this could be done. I now know it can be.

    Well done, Thank You and great respect.


    Hello Andi, Hello ATLarge!
    Thank you for the flowers !

    I start to produce your parts in the next week ( before that, i have to deliver a lot of parts to the members of the german forum, but 80 Percent of the work is done ).
    I think i could send your parts to Michael in the first week of january.
    Then I am very anxious on your feedback !
    Does anyone else need such parts?
    In the near future I have to order new rubber material.
    It would be helpful to know this, so
    I can order the right amount.

    Cheers, Reiner


    AtLarge has received his boots !

    Parcel to KK was returned and I have to send it again. Was a failure in postage amount, but I was in a post office to verify correct postage amount.
    That was wrong !
    Will check the Internet to find correct postage to UK 😉

    Cheers, Michael

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