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hi bud yes i have done several carb convesions on the ltds and csr models the carbs off either a gpz500s or a kle 500 or an en 500 will fit the trouble will be with the throtal and return cables and the choke cable

the lovley people at kawasaki did keep the same colour wires on the gpz/kle/en switch gear and all the plugs are the same

what i did was change the standard switch gear for KLE switch gear you have to cut both looms and solder the wires back to get the correct length that you require i used the KLE throttle cables as thay are longer than the GPZ cables and the clutch cables its quite a simple conversion and if you want to run K&N filters on the gpz/kle/en carbs then you will need a dynojet kit but the bike will run on the gpz/kle/en carbs though the standard air box with no need to rejet as the carb are the same diameter

hope this helps cheers speedy

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