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we had a beautiful day today, so I went for a bit longer ride. I made around 280 km, from the seaside to the Alps and then to Ljubljana. I was (pleasantly) surprised with the fuel consumption, which was just a little bit more than 5 liters/100 km.
Here are some photos from Planica, which was my last stop. This is a ski-jumping center, and in the background you can see the largest ski jumping hill in Slovenia (and second in the world), which is currently being renovated – to be the largest in the world of course! Jumpers should fly up to 270 meters!

You can also see my new saddlebags, they are a bit too “chopper” style for my taste, but I couldn’t find any others of the right size. And on the last two “before and after” photos, you can see the result of one hour work – I painted the surrounding of Kawasaki logo (on both sides).

Cheers, Marko

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