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Hi Marko,

thanX for posting the Typenschein.
Best matching translation would be “Type Description”.

There is already the dual front disc brake shown !!! Maybe that is a speciality for austrian market ?!?
Is it a Z750LTD S1 and a half ???

All bikes that were originally imported to Austria have the most complete official documentation I know. There are not only frame numbers and some technical data noted, but also drawings attached to it.

An old german document for vehicles, prior to EU papers, is called “Fahrzeugbrief/direct translation is vehicle letter” and is the document that prooves you are the owner of that vehicle and has a lot of technical data but no drawings.

The some thing from the states (USA) just has the frame number and “date of first authorisation for road use” on it and no further data.

Attached the Fahrzeugbrief of my LTD, The Black Lady:
Left hand side shows the technical data and changes, right hand side is flipped in and shows some administrative remarks.

Cheers, Michael

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