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Hi Marko,

that are brilliant news !!!

We can offer you to stay the night 12./13. at our home, sleeping in a regular bed and same for going back.
We intend to stay until Monday in Belgium, so your bed is available the night 16./17. again.

We are still thinking about using the car and a trailer to go to Belgium. In that case I can offer to transport your bike in the trailer and you in the car, of course 🙂
If you like riding your bike, we may transport your luggage.

Legal speed with that trailer is 100 km/h, top speed in Germany will be 113 km/h on the motorway / Autobahn.

What do you think ?

Cheers, Michael

PS: Riding all the way will give you a very good chance to win a price !
The farthest approach
(german: Weiteste Anfahrt)

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