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Hi Marko,

good idea in that bad situation !

Broken clutch cables appear quite often, right at the top end !

As signs of wear appear (single wires broken and spreading (?) is an alarm sign to swap the clutch cable asap.
You can feel the damage and you can even hear a special sound when pulling and releasing such a worn cable.

Only good lubrication / greasing and no sharp edges/bends in the upper part of the clutch cable will cure that.

You may replace the LTD clutch cable with a shorter version of the B as you have a lower steering bar.
Should help to avoid the bend in the upper part 🙂

A spare clutch cable on board and tools to remove switch lever, left driver footpeg and front sprocket cover or at least the tools to use “screwed nipples” as temporary replacement.
Sounds easy but in fact it is some work to do to use them and a third hand is very helpful !

Cheers, Michael

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