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Hi KK,

thanX for the link !
Germans are very restricted to post or listen to music videos by GEMA ;-(((
I have enjoyed listening to that song, your link is working fine with me!
… and it is such a great song, love it !

Looking forward to meet you, your Twin, your sound and the fellows you are collecting to attend the 2. International Z750Twin meeting in 2014 !!!
This will be a big party all the time we stick together and an adventure for all of us 😉

Looking forward to our meeting. Can’t stand the time waiting !
OK, I have some work to do to the Twin I want to ride to the meeting, so it is not to bad to have some 20 weeks left for preparation ;-)))

Cheers, Michael

PS: Better than “Another 48 hours”

BTW: Oh #OOPS#, what I have to do 48 hours before the meeting ?!?
Everything is packed? CHECK
Having all the papers needed? CHECK
Got sufficient amount of Euros? CHECK
Sufficient clothing? CHECK
full service done? CHECK
fuel in tank? CHECK
oil in motor? CHECK
OK, let’s go !!!

Let’s have fun !!!

Cheers, Michael

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