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Hi Dougy-T,
that is a nice one, hihihi ;-)))

It is working the other way round as well 😉
Can’t remember the full joke and have to translate it, which doesn’t make the joke easier. Let me try 😉

How to change the cars motor oil?
– Arranging a date at the garage
– Be there at the given time
– Let oil and filter changed
– Paying 100,- Euros
– Took half an hour
– Drive off

– Driving to the car parts supplier
– Buying the best available oil and filter = 50,- Euros
– Driving home, open oil drain screw with hot motor, as recommended
– Getting the fingers burned
– having liters of old oil on the floor
– wiping the stuff off, takes hours
– drinking a beer, 2 Euros
– looking at the scenario, having a beer, 2 Euros
– Spoiling the dress with old oil from old oil filter
– special dress cleaning will be at leat 20,- Euros
– having a beer (2 Euros) and stay in spoiled dress
– swapping the filter
– putting new oil into engine
– forgot oil drain srew
– wiping all the new oil from the floor, takes hours
– having a beer
– bicycling to the parts dealer to get new oil, 40 Euros
– fix oil drain screw
– fill in new oil
– be happy and having a beer, 2 Euros
– closing oil inlet cap
– Test motor running, ok it works
– having a beer
– going on a test drive on public road
– get caught by the police
– 1,5 promille (per thousand)
– 800 Euros of punishment and 3 month without driving licence
– motor is running fine and is tight 😉
Around 900,- Euros and 8h of work!

That is how a man does that job ;-)))

Cheers, Michael

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