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Hi Hans,

it is the recommended tool after the other one is obsolete and should work.

To handle that tool it is important that the engine is complete. You can’t use it with the cylinderhead lying separately on the work bench.

How to use it ?
First measure the valve clearance and note down the number 😉
Ensure the small cut-out in the valve lifter can be reached.
Turn the crankshaft until a cam lobe pushes the valve down. Stop and insert the “W” shaped metal piece under the camshaft and on the edge of the valve lifter. Turn the crankshaft further until lobe is pointing away from the valve.
Remove the shim with the other tool from the valve lifter.
Insert new shim, ensure it sits correctly and turn the crankshaft until lobe pushes the valve again.
Remove “W”shaped metal piece.

Do it with the other valves in same way.

Good luck.

Cheers, Michael

PS: The printed number in the shim has to point away from the camshaft. That ensures readability even after use.

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