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Hi Joey

It is quite normal for the bikes to lean a little more than we expect as the side stand I believe is designed for the American and European markets where they all drive on the right hand side so when parking their bikes on the right the side stand is up the camber of the road and not down like here in the UK. This should not be excessive though. I am not aware of a different side stand for the UK market.

If you feel it is excessive then maybe the rear shocks have been changed for longer than standard one??? This can be checked by putting the bike on its centre stand and seeing if the rear wheel is off the floor.

Tango has put longer shocks on the rear of his B1. This did give him excessive lean and also made the centre stand redundant as both wheels were still on the floor when the centre stand was down. He rectified the side stand issue by modifying a stand from a dirt bike which tend to be quite long. He had it reduced in length to suit. I don’t know what bike that stand came off and neither does he as it was one someone had lying around.

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