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I have just cut and pasted this from a much earlier post from Braii, hope it helps, by the sound of it its a faily standard B1


model recognition b1 – b4
howdy folks !
i thought it might be useful to help you identify your model or prospective purchases .
at present i have a uk 1976 b1 , a usa 1978 b3 , and a canadian 1979 b4 .
and there are considerable differences .

firstly engine and chassis numbers ,
and if you have the original engine and frame the numbers should be within 100 .
frame KZ 750 B
engine KZ 750 BE
B1 from 000001 – 1976 – P plate
B2 from 016101 – 1977 – R plate
B3 from 025701 – 1978 – S plate
B4 from 033101 – 1979 – T plate

whilst the years of the models would run true in the usa/canada they strugled to sell in the uk .
kwakanaka has a b2 on a 1980 V plate for example !

the b1 and b2 were almost identical ,
they had a coil field in front of the rotor and stator , and a seperate regulator and rectifier .

easily identified by the three screw holes in the front left engine casing for the coil field , the front caliper being forward of the fork leg , and a round front brake master cylinder .

the b3 and b4 were also almost identical ,
they had no coil field , a different rotor and stator , and a combined regulator/rectifier .

they have no screw holes in the front left engine casing , as they don’t have a coil field , the front caliper is behind the fork leg , and a rectangular front brake master cylinder .

consequently the crankshaft rotor shafts are different and have different torque settings .

in the uk we only got the B1 and the B2 models ,
in europe and the usa/canada the B3 and B4 were also available .
in australia/new zealand the Z750 twin is quite rare .

the twins were Z750 in europe and KZ750 across the pond .
and there are a lot of imports in the uk at present .

european Z750 twins have rear indicator posts on the tail light and a longer rear mudguard .

usa/canadian inport KZ750 twins have the rear indicators forward of the tail light under the rear of the seat , they have higher handlebars , a shorter rear mudguard , reflectors on the front of the frame and the sides of the tail light , and they didn’t have a seat strap .

i hope this is of some help and i will post photo’s at a later date 😯

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