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    Sorry I cant help at the moment, but … Hello & welcome. What the weather doin over there ?? Its raining here !!!!


    hi to you also,nice to find someone with a bigger tank,i thought i was the only one 😀


    ARGH…Stripped down the bike…and came across something interesting. I never knew what model Z750 it was…now im even more confused. First i saw stamped on the frame KZ750S – and i thought ‘awesome its a kz750S’…then a few minutes late when unbolting the engine i came across the engine stamp – KZ750B1 – ‘Bugger but can still work with that frame parts i buy for the S and engine parts i buy for the B1, thats do-able’…DISASTER…pulling the engine cover off to access the chain…find another stamp – KZ750K – WHAT THE…more confused than ever…


    I have just cut and pasted this from a much earlier post from Braii, hope it helps, by the sound of it its a faily standard B1


    model recognition b1 – b4
    howdy folks !
    i thought it might be useful to help you identify your model or prospective purchases .
    at present i have a uk 1976 b1 , a usa 1978 b3 , and a canadian 1979 b4 .
    and there are considerable differences .

    firstly engine and chassis numbers ,
    and if you have the original engine and frame the numbers should be within 100 .
    frame KZ 750 B
    engine KZ 750 BE
    B1 from 000001 – 1976 – P plate
    B2 from 016101 – 1977 – R plate
    B3 from 025701 – 1978 – S plate
    B4 from 033101 – 1979 – T plate

    whilst the years of the models would run true in the usa/canada they strugled to sell in the uk .
    kwakanaka has a b2 on a 1980 V plate for example !

    the b1 and b2 were almost identical ,
    they had a coil field in front of the rotor and stator , and a seperate regulator and rectifier .

    easily identified by the three screw holes in the front left engine casing for the coil field , the front caliper being forward of the fork leg , and a round front brake master cylinder .

    the b3 and b4 were also almost identical ,
    they had no coil field , a different rotor and stator , and a combined regulator/rectifier .

    they have no screw holes in the front left engine casing , as they don’t have a coil field , the front caliper is behind the fork leg , and a rectangular front brake master cylinder .

    consequently the crankshaft rotor shafts are different and have different torque settings .

    in the uk we only got the B1 and the B2 models ,
    in europe and the usa/canada the B3 and B4 were also available .
    in australia/new zealand the Z750 twin is quite rare .

    the twins were Z750 in europe and KZ750 across the pond .
    and there are a lot of imports in the uk at present .

    european Z750 twins have rear indicator posts on the tail light and a longer rear mudguard .

    usa/canadian inport KZ750 twins have the rear indicators forward of the tail light under the rear of the seat , they have higher handlebars , a shorter rear mudguard , reflectors on the front of the frame and the sides of the tail light , and they didn’t have a seat strap .

    i hope this is of some help and i will post photo’s at a later date 😯


    Cheers Kwak…Ill have a look when i head into the garage next (hopefully tomorrow if the boss allows 😉 )


    Hi all,

    I bought an ambiguous Z750 about 2.5 yrs ago with the intention of fixing it up…got the engine top end rebuilt and it ran fairly well…but about 2yrs ago its electrics decided to go south and its been sitting in my shed ever since…TIME TO START AGAIN :>…thinking of stripping everything out and rebuilding it from rolling frame and restoring it…Just wandering if anyone has any advice about wiring (simple ways etc) coz i think thats where im going to struggle…will post pics and comments as i go…


    Oh yeh and it has 2 tanks – a normal size and one of those massive 25lt+ long range tanks..Any thoughts on which one…general opinions 🙂


    Hi, just visited the forum after a 3 month absense and noticed your post so the info maynot be of help? I have a KZ750 and have identified it as the Canadian version. The workshop manual shows the USA model with handlebar switchgear to turn off the headlight. The tail and front parking light are permanently on for both USA and Canadian models whereas the european models could be switched off. The difference for USA and the Canadian model is that the latter has no position on the headlight switchgear to turn the headlight off. I’ve converted mine by purchasing a new hanle bar swicthgear so I can turn off the headlight. Hope this helps.

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