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    Hi guys,

    Finally got back to the new site. I wasn’t making much progress with the purple G so got myself a B1. It’s been running okay, well okayish, and got me about for a few months, which was what I wanted in the first place.

    There are a few little jobs to do to keep it going, and while stripping the back brake and seized peddle, I had a look at the kickstart. When you kick it over the arm doesn’t return and you have to lift it by hand. The guy I bought it off checked it all and couldn’t see why. When I opened it up, the spring is fine and everything seems good but when you reassemble it sticks again. It seems to be the spacer inside the spring. It moves out against the oilseal housing and causes friction. I can push it hard in and it stays until you operate the kickstart again. I’ll have another play tomorrow but if anyone has seen this before or knows why? The starter works but I would like the kickstarter working as well.





    Cleaned up and refitted the brake.

    Had another look at the kickstart. Each time I fitted the spring and pushed the spacer in, it would stay until I moved the kickstart and it would jump out about 4mm, enough to bind on the cover plate.

    I checked the cover plate and found it worn around 50% of the diameter. I checked another cover plate and it had no wear but had a clearance of 30 thou between the inner seal and the plate face. The worn one only had 15 thou at the highest point. Put the other cover plate on but no difference.

    I used a small pick to drag the inner spring coils outwards and that stopped the spacer from jumping but the kickstart still sticks down. It’s okay until you fit the cover then sticks. There is a lot of play on the shaft before the cover is fitted but it only has one bearing, so I suppose it will have.

    Back to work tomorrow so it’s all boxed up again for a couple of weeks.Looks like I’ll just have to tie string to it.

    Tried to upload photos but didn’t manage.



    Hi KennyS and welcome back.

    An interesting problem I one I must say I haven’t experienced.

    The first thing that comes to mind is have you got the KICK SHAFT GUIDE 13070-005 fitted?




    Go on, I’ll fall for it. What is kick shaft guide 13070-005.

    On the running bike I have removed the cover plate with the oil seal, behind that there is the spring and an alloy spacer which slides over the shaft with a slot the entire length which allows it to pass the end of the spring which locates in the shaft. I also have this spacer in nylon, off one of the other engines.

    When I mocked this up on a spare gearbox, with the crankcase covers loosely bolted together and a cover plate in place the kick start returned as it should.

    On the plus side I am understanding the mechanics a bit better. Not sure if everyone else knows, or cares, how the kick start works. I presumed some form of centrifugal action like the electric starter, but no. It’s a really basic toothed dog with a lug projecting from it. When the kick start moves away from the rest position the dogs mesh with the shaft and turn the engine over. When the kick start returns to the rest position, the lug hits a small steel blade, bolted to the upper crankcase which moves the dogs against a light spring, and out of mesh.  Simples.

    I don’t have the photos with me at work but how do I upload photos.


    I had this problem, it turned out to be the kick start shaft bent!

    Easy to see when it was out.


    hi guys

    not sure if you are aware but the site has moved to make more room for pics

    there will also be other improvements in the future

    just stick with it

    we are getting there

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