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    Hi Guys,

    we were out to visit a Motocross Event, when our Landlady called us.
    There is really very bad weather at home and water is flowing under the door into our house and some trees are broken off !
    It was a Mini-Tornado with a lot of rain and [Hagel = icy rain] !
    Very rare in Germany but this one hit us 🙁

    We had some good luck:
    Water in the house was not to bad as our Landlady had already opened the door and has removed most of the water.
    The roof is not damaged.
    I pushed in the Dirtbike, the “Back in Black” and two bicycles back to garage just three hours ago, where the two large “parts” of our Chestnut Tree are lying now.
    You have seen this place from a lot of bike photographs before !


    SHIT!!! Hope all is well over there and not much damage has been done.


    Hi KK,

    the trees needs to be cut off, even the really huge Chestnut Tree, too bad !
    We think it is as old as the house, which was built in 1886 !
    So this tree is about 130 years old.

    As our Landlord said: ” Everything has it’s era and the era of this tree ended now!”

    With all the rest we were quite lucky.
    No major damage is done to the roof, etc.

    Even the water in the house is not a big issue anymore, thanX to the quick reaction of our Landlady !


    Glad all is as well as can be Michael.


    Good to hear the damage was minimal Michael, and you, your family and the bikes are all safe 🙂 . Shame about the tree, it and KK being nearly the same age too.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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