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    Went to the BB on the Kwak Sunday morning. Great weather which brought a turn out of what seemed a thousand bikes 🙂
    Loads of Z1’s (common as muck 😡 ) but only 1 Z750T to be seen…mine 😀

    The bike ran superbly for the 80 odd miles, only problem being a rear footpeg that vibrated loose ( my own fault, fitted new ones the day before and didnt tighten it enough) The wife had to jump on a friends Harley for the last 5 miles. 1 borrowed spanner later she was back with me.

    Great day out 🙂


    Next Sunday (10th) isthe Big Breakfast at The Raven, Whitchurch.
    Always a good turn out of mostly classic bikes.
    I shall be there on the old Z 😀


    good to hear of a troublefree ride out almost,i had my left hand handlebar switch fall off cos the screws vibrated out,good old electrical tap

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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