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    wisco pistons,i used them on a 73 kwak 500 triple,well made but a bugger to find now


    Was talking to the garage today when i was picking up my horrible 70s paint job Z750 from its MOT which it passed I’m delighted to say.

    I will put some pictures on soon showing the good looking but currently not running KZ750. Hopes to get that going this weekend. The hideously ugly 70 style Z70. The sad lump under the sheet of plastic which one day will once again be an elegant Z750. Not to forget old faithful my 75 Z400 d3. which i climb on board whenever the 750s let me down and which always starts.

    I’ve also got a box of bits which is a suzuki GT 185 undergoing major extended refurb. i still love the smell of two stroke.

    Right piccys soon.

    Back to the feller in the garage. we were discussing reboring cylinders and he was on about using wico pistons not sure on the spelling he says they give a far better performance than the Kawa ones.

    I was wondering where I could get an opinion on them and thought I Know i’ll ask the Z750 mob.

    Answers on a postcard or stuck down envelope to…………. or just on the site please.


    BPH 😕 😕 😕


    were they any good cos this feller seems to think he can get em easy


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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