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    A bus full of ugly people crashed and they all died. when they get to heaven, st peter says:

    I know it’s a bit unfair all of you dying like that,so me and the big fella have decided to give you all one wish each before you come through the pearly gates.so they form an orderly queue, and st peter starts granting wishes.Whats your wish he says to the lady at the front of the queue.

    I want to be beautiful,it’s all i’ve ever wanted, she replies. st peter makes her stunning, proper drop dead gorgeous. wats you wish? he asks the fella behind her. i’d like to be beautiful too, he replies,so st peter makes him beautiful as well, st peter then gets a glance at the back of the queue, and at the very back theres a guy killing himself laughing.

    He ignores it and carries on.wats your wish? he asks number 3 in line. make me beautiful, and so he does. this continues all the way down the queue. i want to be beautiful and make me beautiful. every one asks. until he reaches the guy at the end.

    Wats your wish he asks the last man. Between fits of laughter, he replies, make em all ugly again….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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