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    Hi all, i was out yesterday and my right hand carb started spewing fuel out of the overflow and through the pod, this is after i’ve just had them refurbished. my question is if i were to put GPZ 500 carbs on as i have read somewhere they are compatible with a bit of tinkering, what jet sizes would i need?? i’m running pods and open pipes with the crossover. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully if i can sort the originals i won’t need to go down this route.
    Thanks Edmund.



    Im just going through the GPZ500 conversion now.
    Im Soooooo close to getting my Twin on the road, But its all a bit up in the air for me at the minuet! But ill get there! Ive got the carbs fitted and I have had to make a Choke cable as needed with the Gpz carbs they are not a side lever like the original ones.
    Ill let you know more about jet sizes and settings once I get the battery on so I can test ride it.


    Thanks Tango i’d be very interested to know. I hate to have the bike standing around and not being able to use it. i have someone looking at it at the moment and hopefully the problem will be resolved.


    my gpz 500 carbs are with pods and straight through pipes. mixture is two and half turns out.with standard jets. runs great and off like a rocket. i use the cable choke with a lever from a british bike… works fine


    Sounds like a sticking float/needle valve. Few quid off of eBay. Would be a lot easier to replace that than fit new carbs I reckon 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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