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    not heard of that one sir,try posting on the kawasaki twin owners forum,they may be able to help 😀


    Sounds like it’s running lean. Have you checked the diphragms in the carbs, or for air leaks on the pipes between the carbs and the barrels?
    Also check for missing blanking plugs on the vacuum test points.
    I’d go for something simple before rejetting unless something else has been changed.


    I see a site by “Wired George” for servicing carbs. My `82 has 10k miles and runs OK, but I think it runs hot. It takes quite a few miles for it to run cleanly after start-up, and generally I think it runs hot. Is there an accepted change to the jetting to address the above? Has anyone had any experience with Wired?


    g,day charlia from australia i have had a lot to do with wiredgeorge he does a maticulous job of rebuilds re the 38 mik,s the old twins had
    i rebuilt a 78 b3 down here took me 3 yrs i sold it last year need another project ,sheds empty ! a newbie to the group but lots of fun and expereince with the old kztwin ,by the way wiredgeorge i met thru
    cheeers graeme

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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