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    this started as a 750 g but the frame had rusted through along the bottom  rails and round the side stand .luckily i also had a b2 so just made one good bike. last year got another g frame and swapped everything into this so i had a pretty standard g again ,very happy man,rid it for a bit but noticed bike was leaning over to far on side stand thought stand was bent,no such luck , after a little bit of smacking with good old slag ammer,this frame is just as fucked as the original,back to the good old b2 frame again,and thats where we stand at this moment been promised the paint back next week ,just got to change head gasket and  sort an exhaust out ready for spring all being well .

    all the best wolvo snakey


    I’m convinced one year you will not strip her down lol.

    Coming on good mate. Your wife must be so tolerant with you doing that in the living room ha ha


    hello peeps

    got the paint back ,looks colourful dont it ,number two son is bodging an exhaust system at college, roger dodge is making a new wiring loom for it ,and im changing the head gasket,ready to go very soon look out stafford bike show here i come


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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