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    Hi Folks
    I suspect a coil failure on my ongoing project as no spark or random spark. I have done the checks as in the manual and it does suggest a problem. First question is has anyone got one?
    Looking on e bay there is a coil with frame mounted capacitor. My project came without one. Is the the same as the points condenser as it is not shown on my manuals wiring diagram. If not is this required and maybe the reason for my problem. Any help please.


    Firstly, what checks did you do and what did you find?
    I had problems with the coil on my bike, and the replacement I got didn’t check out right but it turned out to be a loose connection on the HT lead, cut back and rewound it into the coil and that sorted it.
    A new coil wasn’t all that expensive to buy when I bought one, and quite readily available (pattern parts though).

    You shouldn’t need two condensers, as they are there to stop the points arcing. If you have one by the points then that’s all you should need.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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