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    Thought I’d share this observation here for interested parties. The late model connecting rods are a much more refined design, bigger and smoother radii everywhere. It may not seem like much but these details make for a significantly stronger rod.


    They make the earlier ones look very crude ! Almost Russian or Chinese like ? But were they ever a problem area?


    Thanx Doc,

    All my engines are now late models.


    The Glemseck rods additionally will be magnafluxed, stress relieved and shotpeened.


    Not a problem area for a stock engine, but for the brave souls going for bigger power its a small difference that might prevent the rod from creating additional crankcase breathing.


    Very interesting.

    I’m not aware of any issues occurring through this. I also discovered that originally kawasaki did different length conrodsnim a similar manor to the big end bearings to allow for manufacturing errors. You could tell by a coloured dot on the crank. They deemed it unnecessary and stopped it and I must admit i totally agree with that.

    Maybe that was when and why the later style came about?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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