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    I could do with the temporary loan of a cylinder head to set up the Weber 40DCOE conversion. Condition unimportant.


    I have spare heads and a couple of questions.

    1) Might the head get damaged?
    2) What about postage? I recently sent a head to another member at it cost £12. That would be £24 total if and when returned.



    I appreciate your offer, many thanx.

    Absolutely NO damage to the head. It just has to act as jig to measure for the tubes and spacing.

    Why not use my own ? Well the engine is now assembled and the guy has to have the head at his workplace and can’t take a complete engine in ! The other reason is that he is often called away to mainland Europe [ he’s a plant engineer ]at a moment’s notice and would want to leave the head in his locker until he gets back to it. I guess what I’m saying is that once he has it I’m reliant on his timescale. That said – he doesn’t mess around !

    I have a good deal for carriage via Hermes. I send stuff out all the time [e-bay sales ] and they are pretty good.

    If you send it out from your end [ try Interparcel for best Hermes quote ], I’ll reimburse your costs for packaging, carriage etc. and then return it via my carriers.

    I had several peeps interested in the conversion when I mentioned it way back – so I will get him to make drawings – maybe even cut up several sets of tubes – J.I.C.

    I already have 3 sets of flanges cut [ the only viable way ], so there are enough to make 2 more anyway.

    BTW – your continued kind words and good wishes re: my health issue are appreciated. As long as I remain at stage 3 [ of 5 ]we’re good to go.


    Here’s the flanges for the 40DCOE conversion.


    KK – problems sending PM again.

    Re: cylinder head loan. Do you want me to pay a deposit etc. against safe return ?

    I spoke to my fabricator pal at the weekend and he assures me there’s no way the head could be damaged in this process.


    KK …………. pm ‘ing issues again.

    Tried to call you on your landline the past couple of days.

    Your PM message with your mobile disappeared after I opened it before I could write the number down !

    Can you let me have it again please so I can arrange payment for carriage



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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