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    She is on the road again!!! Many thanks to kk for swift supply of numerous bits and invaluable advice.

    Compression had been down on left pot and slight weep from head gasket. After decoke and valve seats cleaned, a new head gasket we are up to full equal compression now.

    Took the opportunity to fit a new exhaust so the original can be repaired as has small amount of rot behind baffles. 2 into 1 system fitted, however, having made rush purchase of a silencer on eBay (not sure silencer is the right description) you can certainly here us coming albeit running like a dream.
    I don’t think the neighbours or local livestock appreciate her as I do, so I will have to rethink the silencer issue but at least she is back to full health again


    That’s great news Duffy. I’m pleased it was nothing to major.

    Loud exhaust? the louder the better. Pre 1983 are pre noise regulations. Don’t forget, Loud Pipes Save Lives!


    As KK says loud pipes do save lives. Mine are straight through with a small baffle 😀 :-D. I would put a picture on here but never been able to manage that.


    Does that mean that a straight thro’ pipe would be road legal ???

    That’s great news as I did not want to fit any silencers to the twin high level pipes I intend to fit to my Flat Tracker. I was contemplating some sort of mute insert – a la Volkswagen Beach Buggy style, but would rather not !!


    I’ve not had any problems as far as mot etc, occasionally get an advisory and never been stopped by the police.

    Pipes are straight through with a balance pipe under the the swing arm pivot and 2 extensions so the pipes finish under the pillion foot rests.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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