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    Hi guys,

    if you like the appearance of “nobby” [?] tires, but can’t find a matching one, especially for the 16″ rear wheel of LTDs/CSRs, there will be a solution shortly.

    W&W Cycles, a well known supplier for Harley accessories has developed an Enduro tire with Heidenau Tire Factory, Germany.

    This set of tires is not distributed by Heidenau, but under the name Bates Baja exclusively by W&W.

    Availability is announced from March 2015:


    Not a cheap one, but I may give them a try with next LTD that needs new tires 😉
    Might be a good choice for me to go to Norway in 2016 ;-)))

    Cheers, Michael


    OOOO I like the look of those 😀


    Those do look nice. Definitely a smoother, quieter ride than regular knobs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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