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    Took Tango out on his first real ride in anger yesterday. We had a varied route to put both bikes and riders through their paces to see how they performed. We had a 60 mile blast up the motorway touching speeds of 🙄 to Devils Bridge at Kirby Lonsdale. No question about it we had the oldest bikes there by far and they did generate some interest. There were a few there but it wasn’t to busy.


    Few More pics


    After refuelling we headed back down the A6 through Milnthorpe, Carnforth and Lancaster then pulled off to head for Glasson Dock. It was then a ride home through Chorley and Horwich.

    Both bikes performed extremely well as did their riders. It was a great test for what is to come. Tango found his riding comforts which is most important. After his carb change to GPZ500 carbs we are not sure about his fuel economy but he managed just over 100 miles without going onto reserve so that fits nicely with mine.

    I have a couple of minor things to deal with. My oil pressure light comes on at tickover. On inspection my oil level has settled on the bottom mark so should be just a top up. I have a slight oil weep from the rocker cover. My front indicators need an earth lead. I also have a small vibration coming from the nose cone but nothing that rubber mounts can’t cure.

    We covered 140 miles on the run with Tango doing 160 miles in total.

    All in all it was a successful run.

    Belgium here we come!!!


    It was a Great Day out. It has put my mind at rest so much.

    I still have issues over 70mph but that is more me than the bike, Although I agree with KK there is still some Carb work to do yet, but the bike is good enough to go! 🙂

    I have done another thread with a video of the Test Run I could of just put it in with this one in hindsight? But Hey Ho? 😕

    All in all I’m feeling much more positive and relaxed about the prospect of taking my bike overseas, and feeling happy that it will be ok!.

    :pint: Here’s to the Belgium Meet.


    Hi guys,

    good to hear you’re riding your bikes, to see some pictures of the bikes at decent places and pictures of yourself 🙂
    Appreciated !

    Watch out for my progress report 🙂
    We should have the ride outs together in Belgium 🙂

    Cheers, Michael

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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